Nature’s Choice ® specializes in importing and wholesaling premium spices, herbs & blends.  In addition we mix our own blends and custom blends for customers. Our products can be found in Grocery & Natural stores, Produce, Meat, Fish markets throughout British Columbia.

OUR SPICES & HERBS are packaged in highly visual  & clarity bags with paper header (all recyclable) and has been a STAPLE (haha… yes we staple the header to the bag too), in British Columbia for over twenty five years.

Our highly visual packaging gives the consumer a visual cue  of our freshness and easy product identification.

We offer a huge variety of culinary spices, herbs, and blends. PLUS 45  certified organic culinary spice, herbs, and blends

With the exception of Mexican chili powder all our blends are mixed in-house, with all our product having no M.S.G. or preservatives added.

We also specialize in custom blends for companies that want a distinctive blend.

In 2011, we purchase a PROBAT 12L COFFEE ROASTER. Small enough to learn all the nuance and ambience of roasting coffee beans and large enough to wholesale OUR FRESHLY ROAST coffee beans. We still keep it simple, by only sourcing and roasting four “single origin” ARABIC green coffee beans.

COLOMBIA – INDONESIAN – MEXICAN – PERUVIAN (all packaged in 340 g bags)